Below are the key deliverables for planning and organizing that guide us in fullfiling our mandate:

Event Management and Administration

  • Prepare Event Budget
  • Work according to the budget
  • Provide reports
  • Prepare checklist
  • Conference Timeline
  • Keep effective records

Event Venues

  • Ensure venue payments are up to date
  • Communicate with Venue Staff
  • Determine equipment requirements
  • Event Signate
  • Event Teardown

Event Sponsorship

  • Securing sponsorship through identifying and communicating with possible sponsors
  • Arrange meetings with the organizing committee
  • Ensure terms of sponsorship are followed through

Event Marketing

  • Identify required branding
  • Assist with design of branding material


  • Create Database
  • Setup registration centre
  • Identify an effective and smooth registration system that avoids bottlenecks and delays
  • Effectively communicate with delegates prior
  • Facilitate Visas
  • Liaise with CAAZ

Delegate Accommodation

  • Block booking for delegate accommodation
  • Negotiate special rates


  • Determine transport requirements
  • Map transport route
  • Organise transfers
  • Organise transport for spouse/family

Spouse and family program

  • Database for spouses and family
  • Organise spouse and family program VIP Guests
  • Put in place hospitality facilities for

VIPs and Guest Speakers

  • Biographies
  • Arrange special pick-up of VIP

Communication Centre

  • Arrange a communication centre
  • Arrange sim -cards for regional and international delegates
  • Identify communication centre sponsor


  • Arrange layout
  • Allocate exhibition space to sponsors


  • Identify all audio and visual needs to be arranged


  • Ensure Technical team is well versed with the program
  • Ensure that program is running smoothly


  • Assist with design and layout
  • Collate handbook information
  • Source Advertisers

Event Staff

  • Identify Human Resource requirements and prepare job descriptions and staff training

Event Vendors

Identify and contract vendors for the following:

  • Photography
  • Videographer
  • Promotional Material
  • Entertainment
  • Equipment Hire