Value Added Services

Before the Event


Online Registration

  • Attract more registrants with easy online registration.
  • Flexible forms and registration process setup.
  • Accept online payments (Visa, Ecocash and ZimSwitch).
  • Sell additional items like entertainment tickets and much more.
  • Customize fields and forms for each registration type.
  • Give your registrants the option to book hotel and tours online.
  • Enable abstract submission and a comprehensive review process.

We also do onsite registration to cater for the last minute delegates.


Abstract Submission

We give the your delegates a simple-to-use, online form they can use to submit abstracts. Abstracts can also be submitted on paper. A comprehensive review process is done and abstracts are organised in time for the event.

During the Event

Barcode and Scanning

We provide name tags with 2D Barcodes and setup a system to scan the name tags as delegates enter or leave sessions. This ties a specific delegate to a specific session, leaving a database trail, which may be utilized in the future for planning or reporting purposes.

After the Event

Bulk SMS

Bulk messaging is a means of sending text messages (sms from the web to people’s cell phones) to more than two persons at the touch of a button. The number of persons that can receive these messages can be up to 10,000. Using this tool can save you tons of money. Research shows that people are more likely to see, read and act on messages through their phones than in newspapers. Most of all people get the message and read it whereever they are.